Mras Group Hand by hand toward uniqueness
We have long experience in the field of general trade, Turkish goods shipping and real estate investment.
Facilitate shopping from the Turkish market and customs transactions to ship goods and speed up real estate contracts in record time.
We have a base of relationships with major Turkish factories in various industries and a huge base for real estate projects.

About Us

Was established in 2017 in Istanbul – Turkey, consists of a highly qualified team in fields of international trade, e-commerce, and shipping. We are always proud of everything we have and will achieve, and we seek to continue the march of progress and growth, bearing in mind excellence is our sights. And based on a group of pillars built on credibility, with a focus on flexible business model that maintain a sustainable growth of the company. Our company is licensed by the Turkish Companies Law, has contracts and agreements with most and largest commercial and logistics companies of all kinds, and deals with foreign investors and traders. MRAS Group was founded by a specialized professional team to attract all possible attention and become one of the leading and reliable companies.


Vision and Goals

  • To be Turkey’s gateway to investors and traders and to be a destination with international accreditation in the commercial, e-commerce and shipping field through our commercial mediation, and to provide financial, administrative and legal advice for all of our services.

  • Providing high quality professional services in our areas of expertise that meet the aspirations of partners and customers.

  • Our primary objective is to provide the best possible service to all our customers and work to satisfy them by carefully studying their goals and achieving optimal returns and profitability for our customers by spreading knowledge and experience in all available ways.

Our Services

Mras Trading

Provides all the commercial services you require from the factories and merchants in Turkey. We are also pleased to be a commercial broker that guarantees and documents the commercial transaction from financial guarantees to shipment documents. Among the products that we provide, high-quality clothing of all kinds, foodstuffs, furniture, automotive spare parts, medical supplies, home appliances and kitchen ware. Our company provides guarantees related to the quality of the product, its conformity with international specifications, the guarantee of proper shipping methods and the fulfillment of all documents required for any shipment.



MRAS e-commerce

The challenge of progress motivates us with further advanced steps. Therefore, we inaugurate two online stores as additional sales channels, both for B2B and B2C sales, to target sophisticated customers around the world through e-commerce to expand our business, as well as to provide more options to more audience.

Mras Shipping

We do not offer just a shipping process, it is an integrated work of experience, mastery, professionalism and speed of implementation, allowing the customer to benefit from convenient shipping solutions that fit and comply with the most accurate terms and requirements and we are keen on the safety of shipped goods and taking care of them during trading and securing continuous information about them during the process Shipping is in addition to the optimal shortening of time at all stages of shipping, cooperation and agreement with the customer to reach the best program of supply or full export of his goods and commitment to it, and we put in your hands a global and local network of professional shipping agents covering all parts of the world, working in absolute harmony to reach your goods to destination safely and within your terms, whatever they are circumstances.

Contact Us

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    +90 212 801 97 95
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